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Scientific divulgation

Scientific dissemination materials in Portuguese will be prepared and then used in local and national strategies to disseminate and popularize the scientific knowledge (see here our website: Documentary films and  texts will be produced in the themes of the research project. 

The INCT will maintain a specific web portal in which all materials produced will be available to research institutions and schools. In the web portal, the users will be able to access all content according to their profile: researcher, elementary school student, high school student, undergraduate student, and elementary and high school teachers. The contents will be adjusted to the profile of the potential users. Furthermore, the results will be disseminated through different channels as a way to popularize the scientific activities:

a)    Annual events open to the public during National Science and Technology week;

b)    Supervised laboratory visits of elementary and high school students as an incentive for a scientific career;

c)    Short courses in public schools taught by Master’s and PhD students as a way to bring the public closer to the research activities; 

d)    Scientific events, such as the Molecular Bioprospecting Meetings and a workshop on Ethnobiology and Nature Conservation;

e)     Presentation of scientific activities in events of regional institutions of higher education to popularize science.

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